Catacombs For The Dreamer

from by hend

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Track 7


Ever closer the terminal path, with no signage to indicate that
In the finality of the black, is the finite encompassed in wrath

There’s a tomb in the innards of mind, where brief pre-death moments are enshrined
Catacombs that go unseen by eyes, sound like fantasies upheld by lies

Artistic, these walls speak
Artistic, these walls speak

The artwork spells the fables, in cryptographic literature
An effigy to discover, in realms of sleeping future
In fragments of seconds, at the impact moment
To awake drowning in sweat, unsure of the hurried end

My brain is telling me I am to die
Just beg for silence, a rapid respite
My brain is telling me I am to die
Why do I struggle, oh why do I try?
My brain is telling me I am to die
Hollow catacombs where I’ll mummify

Ever lost in the mental womb
Unborn hopes buried too soon
Ever wander the dark facade
Unwound stories of pale charades
Ever sold the priceless time
Draining now to the end of life

Subconsciously I push to survive
In the crypts of minds creation, to awake in death’s elation
Artists who weep at their designs
We spew blood into the portraits, as we excrete pain through cognizance

Limitations of sleep start to show, but in death is a blackness that’s known
Better to rest familiarly, than to struggle awake with belief


from Dreamt, released November 15, 2012
Royce Hix




hend Wisconsin

The full bio is on the facebook profile (this space is limited to 400 characters).

The summarized version:

I've been writing instrumental piano music since 2005, and have finished one album per year since 2006's 'Redemption'. I've added vocals to my 2011 album, 'Nightfall', and will continue trying for a new release each year.
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