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The first Hend album to contain vocals. Eight tracks through an inward insanity throughout the course of a night. Enjoy!


released November 11, 2011

Royce Hix - all




hend Wisconsin

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The summarized version:

I've been writing instrumental piano music since 2005, and have finished one album per year since 2006's 'Redemption'. I've added vocals to my 2011 album, 'Nightfall', and will continue trying for a new release each year.
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Track Name: Moonrise Suffering Beneath The Stars
As the world fades to night
The translucence of light

Sorrow, resentment, loneliness
Consume the skies

Living a vacant life plastered onto canvas
Radiating nothing but reflections

Providing no value
Soaking up the view
Obscuring the others
Satellites for the godless

The anachronisms of orbit
Eclipsed in a shine of beauty
Frail glances of realism
Cloud over the dimmed skies

Providing nothing
Just a parasite reflecting the light
Radiating nothing
Using others success to shine

Leeching off of the others

If I am the moon and you’re all stars
I shine beneath your world from afar
If I am the moon suffering beneath
You are all stars beyond me

Upon nightfall I am nothing
The flirtation with negative infinity

Eons of metaphors plastered onto canvas
Cannot escape this masquerade of stars
Track Name: Introspected Descent
The last thing that I need now
Is more time of reflection
Writhing in introspect
The mind falls to descent

Torn away
The realization
That ultimately in time
Everything equates to…

Everything equates to nothing
Progress is downward, forward leads to nowhere

The disproportions of the world
In wealth and health equal

As the world turns again
Anything I do has no effect
On anyone or anywhere
As the world spins in orbit
Everything we do is useless
Our time is a lie in the grand scheme of the multiverse

Delving into slow insanity
The horrors of a cruel reality
Where everything equates to…

Everything equates to nothing
Progress is downward, forward leads to nowhere
Descend – the mind tends to descend
When reality is met
Descend – my mind falls to descent
Track Name: Torment Within Defined Margins
It’s cold, the blasphemous huddle for warmth
It’s warmer, but they must disrupt the heretics at all costs

Wipe them clean, down the streams
Away from our normal societies

Wash them away
Wash us away
At all costs

The trinity – society, religion, and politics
Concatenated in perverse miasma

Channels of entertainment
Are mere distractions for the weak
Knowledge gained from news we read
The torment of awareness

Atrocities committed
Hold your cross, support the cause
Dissenters must be replaced
Buried beneath culture in waves

I’m being buried beneath it all in waves
I’m being buried beneath it all in waves

And in knowledge - no pain can be truly forgotten
They continue the march to wash us away at all costs!
Wash the evidence away!
Track Name: Deception In Mirrors
The figure in the mirror shifts
Sways softly against my moves
Speaks a barrage of deception
The lips move in tandem with mine
Words come through like gibberish
Yet I appear to be the origination

Am I the mimic? Or do I have the truth?
Am I the marionette? Or the puppeteer?

And it’s righteously learning
Staring into cursed eyes burning
The glass for a moment stops reflecting

The only thing it does is hide
Staring ashen toward me

How can it see inside my soul?
When it’s a soul that I don’t own
How can it reach inside my head?
Using the same words and phrases
The same phrases I seem to speak

I remember – I am the originator
It is the mimic – stealing out each spiteful word

I have lied to myself
I, in this mirrored shell
I have become the liar
I, deception in mirrors

The utmost hateful critic
The mimic alone is I
Track Name: Chilled Winds Breathe Frigid Clarity
Stepping outside into the breeze
Scanning the horizon for clarity

As the wind blows in my face
I feel the emptiness of all this space
Frigid across my neck
The stars align in the dark

If I am a lying instigator – what hope is there for me?
If I cannot control my words – what truths can ever be spoken?

Chilled winds breathe to me frigid clarity
Chilled winds breathe to me a truth in life
Chilled winds breathe to me all of my past lies

I believe that somewhere out there is an answer for me…

But not in your gods
Not out of faith
Maybe through science
Or through myself innate
Something has to change in me
I am the catalyst that needs to breathe

In the dead of night
Scream tortured at the skies
My voice echoes at me
I am in the breeze I’ve searched for so long

Chilled winds breathe to me frigid clarity
Chilled winds breathe to me the truth in life
My echoes tell me – I am both problem and solution
Chilled winds breathe to me a darkened veil
Chilled winds breathe to me words of my despair
Track Name: Number Stream
Hello? I’m calling out for help
Resigning from my hopelessness
This is just the first step to a fresh outlook
Is there anyone on the other line, and can you help me?

Talking through this therapy
The words are all the same
Feelings still this way
Further down the dark crater
The words are all charades
Feelings writhe in shade

You have no more answers than I

The more I speak, I disconnect
Your world feels distant to me
The numbers and statistics roll past
In a flurry of disbelief
The less you say, the dark thickens
Over the phone in this late hour
Your hollow words float through my ears
Anonymity heals nothing

If you don’t have the answers
And I don’t have the answers
I’m descending here
Track Name: Mania
Falling deeper, does the tunnel have a floor?
Into mental chasms, with accompanying body spasms

No, this is no way to live
This is no way to be
This world is not for me
I’m giving up on this all
Time and life grow null

Manic, I terrorize myself
This is no way to be
This world is not for me
There is one exit plan
That consistently works

All the beautiful stars past the moon
I do not deserve to see

No way to justify
These tangential problems

The reasoning is falsified
What I sense is all a lie
This alternate state does not fit
I’m losing grip on my thoughts

Losing sight of reality
Clouded by the frantic

The episode passes and I return to my consciousness
What am I becoming?
Unleashed hatred and sorrow, in which I immerse
An alternative I do not wish to be
But what is the point?
Of life and the stars?
Me as the failure
There is only one end

What in this world exists that deserves compassion?
What in this world exists that deserves enamor?
Nothing! Falter into mania, let the mind weep
Track Name: Perspective Of Escape
The sun starts to shine on my fractured realm

The sun arises as I drive home – a home I’d forgotten in my mania
Your face looks beautiful – how could I have lost sight of our home?
Darkness shines through your eyes – you seem just as lost and as manic as I

When this world doesn’t seem like it’s meant for me and you
Search the skies for an escape
If I can’t shield you now from all of your sorrow
Know that I’ll remain with you

Whatever choice you make, to live or to be free
I believe in your perspective

When the only viable option to see hope is demise
No amount of beauty and light can convince us to stay
Won’t you join me on this journey?

It’s not that I want us to die
But their world doesn’t seem compatible with you and I

Their world isn’t meant for me and you
The new day’s light gives us perspective
And I can’t ease anything at all, but now we can be free
I will follow you in death