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released November 15, 2012

Royce Hix




hend Wisconsin

The full bio is on the facebook profile (this space is limited to 400 characters).

The summarized version:

I've been writing instrumental piano music since 2005, and have finished one album per year since 2006's 'Redemption'. I've added vocals to my 2011 album, 'Nightfall', and will continue trying for a new release each year.
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Track Name: Lucent
And I journey through this place
And I fall into escape
And I dream cascading hope
And I sense my time, is running low


Then I fade to subconscious
Then I can’t fall or regress
Then I wept the stench of failure
Then I bled unto the world

When I drift in galaxies
When I roam the plains ever free
When I champion my realms
When I fell from time, oh how I fell


Oh how I fell away
With how I feel today

And I see lucent now
And I renounce reality from clouds
And I bear an illusory crown
And I sense my time is running out

Track Name: Subconscious Disbelief
Venturing out in subconscious disbelief, oh I know
The grandeur of subconscious disbelief, I submit

I wander out in subconscious disbelief, in exotic wonder
The grandeur of subconscious disbelief, illuminated miles away

Aimless miles roll past
The ley lines lead to nowhere
Enthralled in a journey to any place
Input effort equates to walls and boundaries
Forever stuck in the fray

With the totals as given
The computations made
There are no numeric reasons to retain
But in journeys through alternate worlds
Where I reign as royalty
I can find no planar reasons to remain

I wander out in subconscious disbelief, in exotic wonder
The grandeur of subconscious disbelief, illuminated miles away

But wouldn’t you know it
In a moment of clarity
I traversed grand distance
Unspoken, unknown to me
As the clarity follows
The ley lines amalgam and blend
Return to the kingdom
Of resigning subversion

I wander out in subconscious disbelief, in exotic wonder
The grandeur of subconscious disbelief, illuminated miles away
Track Name: Plains Of The Free
Struggling just to fall asleep
This wretched world got the best of me
To search the planes and plains alike,
For somewhere further out of mind,
I just want to sleep and be free

Warping worlds
Callous seeds
Ocean whorls
Dark ceremonies

I ride as dark and light align,
In mirrored frames of my frail design,
Uncontrolled but soothed in ecstasy
In ecstasy I lie

The sorrow and insecurity
Dreamtime becomes the remedy

Adamant I become, to return to my life
Recall the tastes, the feels, and the sights
The exit is closed and remains unlit
Adamant I become, to return to my lie
Where the safety net can unbind
Wander the plains in disarray eternally
Wander the plains in disarray eternally

Silence, the soundless forms take shape
Silence, crossing over the tides
Silence, their haunting melodies resonate
Silence, all senses align

I ride as dusk and dawn align,
In twisted frames of my sick desires,
To rest in peace on the plains of the free
I ride on the plains of the free
Track Name: Disillusion
When I opened my eyes to see
I was taken aback entirely
Such time beneath in dreams
Excavated the sense of belief

Further down into the hole
Further down into the whole
Further down in the illusion I see
Further down in the illusion I believe

Further down until you see what I see
Further down a world astray, disjointed
Further down until you weep, as I weep
Further down the sorrowed state of being
Down, further down the only place to hide; the only place to lie

Has disillusion set in?
This world seems bleak and unlivable
Has disillusion set in?
The desolate sphere turns once again
Turns over again, in an aimless orbit

I only wanted to sleep for a short while
But now sleep seems preferable to this life of lies
Living in disillusion
Track Name: Realms Of Misfortune
Back into my dreams
Where all is as it seemed

All that I aspired to become
Internal conscious won’t allow
The painted masterpiece landscapes
Are morose with emotional rains

Suffocate, more
Decay, here

Famous for nothing, forgotten with time
Nightmares unspoken, my epitaph a lie

Sorrow turns to fear
Demonic atrocities
Terror consumes the night
Anxiety turns to asphyxiation

Reaching out in the grandiose world
I grasped at straws that fell far short
When imagination leans to dismay
Even false realms can’t be compelled

Even in slight control, I can’t turn the tides
I’m stuck
I’m stuck in these realms of misfortune
What a grave mistake I have made
I’m stuck in these realms of misfortune
So many terrible mistakes I have made
Track Name: Fractal Dichotomy
Wandering alone over frail bridges of geometric phase
Acquiescing the fervor between perception and inception

Lost between, my reality, and my sordid dreams, my sick assorted dreams

These fields seem prevalent and familiar
Yet indistinguishable and alien by nature

These shapes are distant yet imminent
Their overlap is a frail recurring dichotomy

The more I see I disbelieve
These fractals envelope me

Haunting music, the dancing of the dead
Their stepping patterns, exacerbate the bend
Sight and silence, falter, wither, and end
Fractal dichotomy

A faint alarm rings, am I awake?
Unable to distinguish real from fake
My retinas bleed, irises red like wine
The delusion in blindness, dreams and life combine
Track Name: Catacombs For The Dreamer
Ever closer the terminal path, with no signage to indicate that
In the finality of the black, is the finite encompassed in wrath

There’s a tomb in the innards of mind, where brief pre-death moments are enshrined
Catacombs that go unseen by eyes, sound like fantasies upheld by lies

Artistic, these walls speak
Artistic, these walls speak

The artwork spells the fables, in cryptographic literature
An effigy to discover, in realms of sleeping future
In fragments of seconds, at the impact moment
To awake drowning in sweat, unsure of the hurried end

My brain is telling me I am to die
Just beg for silence, a rapid respite
My brain is telling me I am to die
Why do I struggle, oh why do I try?
My brain is telling me I am to die
Hollow catacombs where I’ll mummify

Ever lost in the mental womb
Unborn hopes buried too soon
Ever wander the dark facade
Unwound stories of pale charades
Ever sold the priceless time
Draining now to the end of life

Subconsciously I push to survive
In the crypts of minds creation, to awake in death’s elation
Artists who weep at their designs
We spew blood into the portraits, as we excrete pain through cognizance

Limitations of sleep start to show, but in death is a blackness that’s known
Better to rest familiarly, than to struggle awake with belief
Track Name: A Place To Die
All I want is a place to die
Somewhere deep behind my smile
Just a method and the tools
To fix the happiness eluded
Some would argue for this world
This zero sum game has no winners
If life’s best hidden in my sleep
Then let me sleep permanently

In my despair, bury me

All I need is a place to die
Without the guilt and hysteria
Just some courage and the night
In a grand lunar sacrifice
I would stave against the value
Oh how I squandered my whole share
I spent far too much time in lies
Forgot how to humanize

In my despair, my grave

On my own terms, with my two hands
In clear conscious, true permanence
Track Name: Old Insomniac
Turns out I have no courage, followed the dark to dismay
In my disjointed panic, withered in time frittered away

All the time passed by me slowly
Yet in the pace I fell to the stray

I spent so much time in my dreams
I lost sight of the reality
I spent so much time in my dreams
I lost sight of it all

I lost so much time, chasing a false life
In each realm where I once reigned
Now I can’t sleep, nor can I die
I have lost all my control
I have lost all my control

Too fearful for the black silence of death
The perpetuity and hindrance of regret

Too fearful, such cowardice in me
The permanence, of my disbelief
Now in my age, I’m utterly incapable
Of satiation through sleep, or fixing the tearing seams

Turns out I was destined for failure, in my seminal quest for perfection
Where only in reveries anointed, was anything impeccable to me

All the time passed by me quickly
Waning into the disability of my age

Into the design, into the black light
The light keeping me from sleep

I spent my life lost in my dreams
Now I pay as death starts to creep
I spent my life lost in my dreams
Now I pay for this all
I spent so much time in my dreams
I lost my life
I spent so much time in my dreams
I lost it all

Death is no longer my choice, it escaped through my hands
I can’t escape in slumber, can only accept the end